As an introduction, my name is Kathy Birkett, and I am a Digital Admin Specialist.   As a young child and even as a young adult for that matter, my parents instilled in me a sense of wonderment, a great and vivid imagination, and the constant wonder of how things work.  I transferred those values into my journey into the digital world and gained valuable and priceless skills to aid me and others in the technology age.  I thrive around the digital elements, and often will try something new just to see how it works.

Ocean’s Edge Business Services was created to provide quality and exceptional digital and online administrative services to meet the needs of solopreneurs, freelancers, and digital business owners.  Quite often as a business owner,  you may find yourself overwhelmed with the everyday mundane work errands that can take up much of your valuable business time.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just hand that off and let someone take care of that for you?  Book a discovery call with me and lets discuss how we can help you run your business seamlessly.

Everyday digital workload challenges can quickly add up to overwhelming business distractions.   Ocean’s Edge would like to provide creative solutions to those challenges by providing strategic plans, process and actions to solving those challenges.  Those challenges can vary from time to time,  so instead of providing specific type packages, Ocean’s Edge has created retainer packages based on mutually agreed  hours of service.  Be rest assured that Ocean’s Edge will maintain open communications with their clients to provide the utmost in quality services.

Ocean’s Edge Business Services will always begin with a free 1 hour discovery call to guarantee we are a perfect fit for each other.   We work with a large network of professionals to draw expert information if needed, and we are confident we can meet your challenges head on.

Book a discovery call through this website, and Ocean’s Edge Business Services will contact you within 24 hours (business time)

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Plotting, Planning and Productivity

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