While autumn brings the foreboding signs of winter, for many in the digital realm it is a sign of new beginnings.  For many mom bloggers out there, their children have started school, the new rounds of dance, soccer, and other delightful children’s activities are keeping parents busy beyond their written word.

For many of us who have grown children and experienced that in the past, the habit is hard to break.  So, I always look at September and October as my “New Year” and begin to make plans for what I want to do in the following 12 months.  There is always a hub-bub of activity around my home office, and quite often I will either be reviewing what I have done in the last year, what worked and what didn’t, and where I want to scale to next.

With these new beginnings can come some wonderful surprises to go along with them.  Successful changes brought about can bring some welcome new connections and networking.  But it comes with pushing one’s self to do it.  Do not wait around for things to come to you.  Be pro-active with getting “out there” and making your presence known.

This is our Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and may all my clients and friends have a wonderful time with friends and family.