A new year is quickly approaching,  Time for making resolutions, planning new ideas and making goals.

But, it is imperative to look at your business for the last year.  What were your successes, and what were the failures you would like to forget about.  These are certainly building tools to take and incorporate into your new ideas and goals.  Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle.  On one side write Pros and on the other write Cons.  Then just let the brain flow – don’t think about it, don’t hesitate, just create a brain dump of what worked and what didn’t.  By putting it on paper you begin to become acutely aware of your business and it helps to form a plan for 2020 as to how you want to go forward.  You may even find that what you have been doing isn’t what you want to do anymore.  And that is OK.  This is the time to give yourself the opportunity of creating the new “You” if you have to.  And never, ever consider that a failure.  Many successful businesses have grown, failed, and risen again from the ashes.

Give yourself a little downtime over the holidays to de-stress and debrief.  Perhaps spend some time researching what has worked well for other businesses similar to yours.  There are success stories all over the internet, but you will find that many of them happened from a failure of some sort that motivated the owner(s) to make pivotal changes.

Only you can make those changes (if you need to), but done the right way, you will find it much easier on you and your business.