As a business owner, have you ever shied away from doing something because you felt the competition could do a better job than you can. I believe that this is the case more often than not. Competition should be a positive experience, and not one where you pit yourself against another business.

There are several ways you can look at your competitors and actually improve the way you do business.

Check out your market demographics and how are similar business presenting themselves. Look at their marketing techniques and improve on yours. Is there something they do that catches your eye? Grabs your interest? That means it is successfully working and you can create a similar marketing plan and presence.

Present your marketing in two different but similar ways. Which one gets the most reaction? That is an immediate indication
of which is the best way to advertise the next time around.

These days, you need to find your own unique way of branding your services or products.  Make it interactive, ask questions, utilize software that makes it easier to market yourself.  Or, find a marketer who can take your brand and turn it into a great design that will grab the consumer’s attention.

Don’t criticize the competition, in fact, find a way to work with them  Help promote their products and services and in turn, promote yours.