I can readily admit that I have dabbled with the Internet since the day of it’s infancy.  Even had a blog running on blogger.com years ago. I can also say I follow some great blog authors (that is another blog post in itself) over the years, and still read them.  But write one of my own? On a business site to boot?  I don’t think so.  I can’t write, I can’t express what I want to say in words, I just CAN’T.  Someone might actually read it, and what do I do if they comment on it?  Oh no, lets just put this blog writing aside for another time!! Well, the time has come the walrus said….to put the digital pen to blog site, and just go for it.  These are my words, unique to me, and I do plan on sharing them with others.  This makes me face the fear of posting head on, and I truly believe that once I find that comfort level the words will flow much more easily then they are today. So bear with me as I grow into this, baby steps at a time.  I promise to throw a good snippet of information every once in awhile. K