I came out of this last year feeling very sorry for myself, and not with a great deal of self confidence.

I hated the way that felt, and decided to do something about it. The very first thing is to talk about it,
and be less resentful of how I feel by expressing it. That in itself has already felt very invigorating, and
I hope to keep up the momentum.

I picked up an item yesterday which required further discussion. My mind immediately went to that ugly place of self doubt, guilt and shame. And then I actually spoke to myself, and said “That is imposter thinking” and it will get you nowhere. Then I decided to meet the discussion head on, talk about the real reasons why it causes the reactions that it does, and deal with those. Funny, but I think that it will make it less stressful going in with that attitude.

And that is the word of the day – Attitude. As a business owner, you can walk around all the time feeling like you are hard done by, or that clients should be flocking to you in droves. But, it just doesn’t work that way.  You need to have a “drive” for your business, love (or at least like it) what you are doing, and go out and hustle it. Sometimes that takes a motivating factor like worrying where the next bit of income is coming in, or how you are going to meet your business expenses.

There are thousands (and probably hundreds of thousands) of people doing similar or the same work as you do. That can be self defeating in itself, but you need to dig down deep and find your true uniqueness. It is there, it just may be hiding.

Remember how good it feels when someone compliments you on a change – like a new hairstyle or new clothes, etc.? Surely those close to you compliment you on what you are doing with your business. If they believe in you, why shouldn’t you believe yourself? Take that compliment and build on it. What is about what you do people like, and why?
And how can you improve on it.

Try a change in attitude towards something you fear. A dear friend once told me that fear is only an acronym for
False Expectations Appearing Real. That has stuck with me for 20 years, and every once in awhile when I am terrified
of facing something head on, I remember that. It might not be any easier, but it provides the impetus I need to go

So, what I am saying, is don’t stay STUCK. Take a negative attitude, turn it around with new thoughts and see what
a positive change could happen. My motto – positive action creates positive reaction.