A well-organized office is a well-run office.  Whether it be a brick and mortar office for local clients or a personal office space where you create your digital work, being organized in your everyday life saves you time and money.

Here are a few tips and tricks to running a “well-oiled” office.


If you keep your office organized on an on-going basis, you are less apt to lose items that are rarely used, but none the less still important.  For example, annual tax information, previous quotes that a client wants brought up, registration information just to name a few.

The best way of organizing is to choose a place where to keep your office items and folders and keep them in that location.  You can keep as simple or as complicated as you want.  You may want to personalize how you do this, so it works best for you.  Guaranteed, it will always be much easier to access.


If you know where everything is placed, you are less apt to forget you had it and buy more.

If items get forgotten, you most likely will just pop out to your local stationery store and pick said item up, and if you are an impulse buyer like some, you probably will purchase a few more.

There is a quick and free trick to eliminating this. By cleaning and organizing the designated “junk” drawers in your home or office and making a list of all the items, you will easily find the item you’re looking for the next time you go searching.

Just make it part of your daily routine.


We tend to get distracted easily with all the new digital “toys” at our access.  Important dates and information can quickly get lost if you end up going down the proverbial “rabbit hole”

Invest in a good planner complete with a calendar.  If you are a person who likes to write things down, this will be your office “bible” and will certainly keep you on tract.  As well, it provides for pre-planning like to-do lists, and deadlines.

As well, there are digital planners and calendars you can download, some free, some at a small cost to put on your computer or smartphone.  With most of us carrying smartphones these days, it is an easy way of being reminded.


Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan.  Whether you are a one-person household or a family of 5, this is a lifesaver!  As well, plan your grocery list ahead of time, as it will save you from making impulsive buys without a list.  And never, ever go grocery shopping when you are hungry. 😊

This can apply for non-food items also.  Watch the weekly flyers for good deals, bulk deals, and coupons.  If you become a well-organized shopper, you can save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year.

It will seem like a little bit of hard-work to begin with, but once you get into a pattern of good organization, you will find you have more time and money on your hands, and anyone would be happier for that.

There are many tools designed to help keep you organized, including all kinds of helpful apps for mobile devices.  Use whatever works best for you!