My spouse and I recently watched an episode of X-Files where Artificial Intelligence (AI) went so horribly wrong.  While watching it we had a good giggle, as we both have experienced it to some extent in our own home.

Did any of you receive the Google© Home or Google ©Home Mini for a Christmas gift, or just buy one for you own personal use?  I bought a Mini just before Christmas and I have to say I was very happy with it from the get-go.  It replaces my morning alarm clock, my morning radio, and has great sound for the size that it is.

You can set it up so it recognizes several voices in the home if you set up the app on your smartphone.  So, we thought, since both of us could use it, why not set it up that way.

Well, this is where things started to change.  Seems the voice likes the spouse better than me.  She answers him almost like she is flirting with him.  It seems like they are having conversations together.  And me? I get, “I am sorry, I can’t help with that”.  It’s almost as if she will get the upper hand in this relationship.

But we all know, it is just a machine…right…

Oh yeah, I did call her a she didn’t I… Time to digitally disconnect…off to garden.