I am a book addict and will admit to it.  I have advanced to the technological age of reading, and own 2 E-readers which allow me to curl up just as easily with it as I can with a hard covered book.  They both have their places, and whatever suits your fancy is your choice, and your choice only.

For future references I will be adding my current reads here, and include a small review of why I liked, or for that matter didn’t like a certain book.  I am a very eclectic reader, ranging from business books, self-help, gardening, spy thrillers, etc.

As for disclosure – Ocean’s Edge Business Services is involved as an affiliate marketer with links to some online websites.  I do receive compensation when posting these links, and I will always disclose that fact when posting. 

Check out future Book Nook postings in the future to see if something just might pique your interest to read.