With all the social distancing, are you beginning to feel like a bird in a cage yet?  The times we are experiencing are alien to us.  And we are getting inundated with so much misinformation from kind-hearted souls who believe they are passing on the right information.  Be careful and vigilant whenever you are reading something and decide for yourself if it is valid or not.

I received a great email from a local friend.  Cliff Boldt, a retired teacher, posted a great list (from his retired teacher’s association) of things to keep you busy while you are observing physical distancing at home.

·  Email and video calls to family and friends
·  Volunteering in the community – community kitchen, meals on wheels, etc.
·  Getting outside each day for a walk
·  Going through closets to put together give-away items
·  Reviewing photo albums, rearranging, re-organizing and reminding of better times
·  Puzzles, board games, crokinole,
·  Shredding documents that are no longer needed
·  Netflix, Crave, Apple TV – binge-watching
·  Cooking – creating and trying new recipes
·  Home improvement projects
·  Reading
·  Eldercare (this probably relates to elders who live with you)
·  Spring Cleaning
·  Listening to music
·  Yoga
·  Dance – Line Dance, “Dancing as no one is watching” – because no one is!
·  U Tube videos
·  Write, draw, paint, photography
·  Play an instrument, sing, dance, act
·  Take a shower or a bath
·  Go for a drive
·  Watch cute kitten videos on YouTube
·  Play a game
·  Write a note to someone you care about
·  Care for or play with a pet
·  Make a list of inspirational quotes
·  Make a gratitude list
·  Write a list of goals
·  Take a class or webinar
·  Write a list of strengths
·  Exercise
·  Laugh at least once per day
·  Get enough sleep
·  Eat healthy foods
·  Create a good routine
·  Eat a little chocolate
·  Limit caffeine
·  Practice deep/slow breathing
·  Pray or meditate
·  Enjoy nature via video, movies or magazines
·  Prioritize important tasks

Remember we are all in this together, and although it may take time, we will eventually get through this.  In fact, it might even mean we have a better earth to be thankful for.

Stay healthy, stay a safe distance, and stay calm!