It took everything in my body to get out from underneath my warm blankets this morning.  We were experiencing a typical Pacific Northwest rain storm, and the overhead clouds made it feel as though there would never be light again. Hardly a day to get motivated and do something.

But I am reminded of Mel Robbins story in her book “The 5 Second Rule“.
Her amazing transformation from not being able to get out of bed to becoming a famous speaker, author and television host of her own show, is awe inspiring.  The 5 Second Rule book was a huge mindset changer for me.

Motivation (according to Merriam Webster) is “: a motivating force, stimulus, or influence : INCENTIVE, DRIVE”.  What is it that motivates you the most? I find for me motivation usually arises out of three things; 1) anger 2) frustration or 3) wanting something better than it currently is. The first two are strong motivators for me, the third is harder to get me going, as it depends on my attitude and hunger to improve something at any particular time.

But once you take that giant leap of faith and climb out of that box, you always find that positive action from motivation will inevitably bring about a good thing. It allows you to look from a different perspective, and gives you that ultimate freedom to do what you really want to do.

Motivation is not easy at times, as we find ourselves easily distracted, or can convince ourselves we can do it at another time. I say, if you feel motivated, just keep going without looking over your shoulder behind you. Then, journal what;  a) caused the reason for the motivation b) and what you did about it. That way when something pops up again that aggravates you, you can reflect on the previous incidents and learn from them.

When you get the chance, write down what your motivators are. Don’t think about it, just let them freely flow. Then keep it for your future reference. Another “tool” to add to your keys to success.

I wish you well.