What is it that is causing the most grief in your business?  Is it the everyday mundane tasks that take you away from what your business is all about?

Need a solution?  You have come to the right place.  I call myself a Digital Problem Solver.  By working together we can get THOSE nagging, pesky jobs done. so you can be serving your clients in a better, productive way.

I am both a generalist and a specialist.  My services include:

  • Email setup and management
  • Data Entry
  • PDF conversions
  • Social media setup and maintenance
  • Website maintenance
  • Webinar background assistance
  • Research & Analytic Reporting
  • Content Management
  • Minor bookkeeping
  • Internet marketing
  • Calendar setup and maintenance
Book a discovery session with Ocean’s Edge Business Services now – you will be glad you did!  Let’s work together to help scale your business to the place where you want to be!

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Social Media Management

Are you looking for a social media marketing strategy to increase your presence online?  Where do you start, and what do you need?  Ocean’s Edge Business Services can provide you with a complete social media package to suit your needs.

Website Design & Maintenance

You have established your business.  You are so ready to go, and suddenly someone asks you – “Do you have a website?”  A strategic plan and design will enhance your business presence to an entire new level.

Email Setup & Management

Is your email running rampant?  Do you have thousands of emails just sitting waiting to be read or deleted?  I can fine tune your email program to suit your daily needs, and can provide ongoing maintenance where required.

Calendar Management

Deadlines, Appointments, Client’s Birthdays.  We are always trying to remind ourselves of these daily notifications.  Let me organize your calendar and notifications to keep you on task for your daily routines.

Pricing tables

Due to the many variables involved in setting up a package,  I offer retainer packages based on hours needed for services.
Upon the completion of a strategy session, it will be determined what best package suits your needs.

All prices are in US Dollars

Frequently asked questions

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What to I do next?
After the discovery call is completed, a client questionnaire will be emailed. Based on your answers, I will send you a client proposal, which will include the approximate hours needed to complete the project (or run on-going maintenance).  Based on those hours, you can then choose the best retainer package for the job.  Payment of services is due upon the signing of the contract.
What if the project runs over the alloted package purchased?
When working on projects, I run a time management program that provides the exact time spent on each of the components of the project.  I will also give you notice prior to going over those hours to provide with you the option of purchasing an additional retainer package, or $35/hr,  whichever is mutually decided upon by client & Ocean’s Edge Business Services.
How is payment collected?
Payment is made through PayPal payment or E-transfer of funds.  All payments are quoted in $US Dollars.
Do you use affiliate links on your website ?
While I do not have my own affiliate program as of yet (Stay tuned), occasionally I will post an affiliate link in a blog posting.  I will always disclose that fact when I create an affiliate link.
If i sign up for your opt-in or newsletter will you sell my information?
Absolutely not!  Ocean’s Edge Business Services totally respects your privacy, and in fact we require a first and second request of permission to ask for your first name & email only.  This is due to meeting the strict enforcement of the Canadian Anti-Spam Act.  You have the right to unsubscribe at any time.